Natural Wine Terms & Lingo – What is everyone talking about?

The natural wine world is so fun but some of the terms and lingo can be confusing. Here is a list of some of the terms you should know about natural wine.

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August 27, 2023

Now that you are drinking the stuff, what is with all the lingo that is floating around? What makes wine fun is that it is universal and comes with a rich background. This has led to many descriptors and terms for wine, especially when it comes to natural wine.

What Does Biodynamic Wine Mean?

Biodynamic agriculture is based on the principle that nature herself can be our teacher. It is based on a worldview that views everything in the cosmos as being interconnected and part of a greater dynamic system. Biodynamic agriculture practices work with the natural rhythms of the seasons to help create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem. Biodynamics treats soil fertility, plant growth, animal husbandry and human relationships as ecologically interrelated tasks in the creation of an ultimately healthy and sustainable ecosystem. So along with compost teas and chickens running around in the vineyard...there is also a whole bunch of spiritual aspects. Here is a link to learn more about it.

What Does Organic Wine Mean?

Organic wine is made from grapes that were grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides. The grapes may also be grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers. In order to be certified organic, a winery must follow specific guidelines set forth by the certifying body. In the United States, that certifying body is the USDA National Organic Program. In order for a wine to be certified organic, it must contain at least 95% organically grown ingredients.

What Does Natural Wine Mean?

Natural wine is made with as little intervention as possible. This means that the grapes are grown organically or biodynamically, and the wine is made without adding or removing anything during the winemaking process. This includes adding or removing yeast, bacteria, enzymes or other additives.

There are so many fun ways to describe wine and here are a few that we love...

What Does Glou Glou mean?

This is a natural wine term that is used to describe a wine that is light and easy to drink. It is usually used to describe a young wine that has not been aged in barrels. And it is pertaining to the sound a bottle makes when you are drinking out of it. Pretty much means the wine is chug-able!

What Is Beaujolais Nouveau Party?

A Beaujolais Nouveau Party is a party that is held on the third Thursday of November. It is the release date of Beaujolais Nouveau, which is a young wine made from Gamay. The wine is meant to be drunk young, within a few weeks of its release. Beaujolais Nouveau parties are typically casual affairs with food and wine served. If you ever get a chance to join on, we highly recommend. Hawaii Wines plans on having Nouveau Parties, so stay tuned for event schedules!

What Does "Zero/Zero" Mean in Wine Making?

"Zero/zero" is a term used to describe a wine that has zero sulfur dioxide (SO2) added during the winemaking process and has zero residual SO2. SO2 is a preservative that is used in wine to prevent oxidation and bacterial growth. Some people are sensitive to SO2, so these wines may be a good option for them.

What is Pét-Nat referring to?

Pét-Nat is a short form for pétillant naturel. It is a type of sparkling wine that is made using the ancestral method. This means that the wine is bottled before fermentation is complete, and the carbon dioxide that is produced during fermentation gets trapped in the bottle. Think bubbles!!!

Join our Hawaii natural wine events to learn more about the terms and try all the fun wine. We will be sure to be pouring some Glou Glou wines!

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