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Keep Kona Natty

Aloha and welcome to Natural Wine Hawaii. We are a family- and friend-operated company that specializes in bringing natural and low-intervention wines to Hawaii! 

Why natural wine? We’re inspired by organic and biodynamic farming practices as well as the “less is more” approach to making wine, and believe it pairs perfectly with Hawaii’s island vibes and sunny weather. Our favorite wines from around the world are fun, funky, and fresh—created in small batches by unique winemakers who are committed to sustainability. 

We can’t wait to introduce you to new takes on traditional wine that is unadulterated and alive. Vibrant on the palate and void of all herbicides, pesticides, and added sugars, sulfites, and acids. Just wine, in its purest form, best enjoyed with your favorite people in your favorite places. Cheers!

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