Best Natural Wines to Bring to the Beach

A list of the best types of natural wines to bring to the beach in Hawaii.

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August 27, 2023

When we imagine the perfect beach day in Hawaii, it usually involves a surfboard or two, and a bottle of funky, fizzy, or just plain refreshing natural wine. Yet there are some styles of natural wines that pack better, are best enjoyed chilled, and can brighten even the most unexpectedly overcast day at Hawaii’s beaches. Here are some of our favorite types of natural wines to bring with you to the beach. 

A Pét-nat

Pét-nat (short for the French “pétillant naturel”) essentially means sparkling wine. As the grapes ferment, they develop natural carbonation, which creates a lighter body and fun “sparkle” on the palate. Plus, pét-nat wines are usually topped with a bottle cap or corked in a way that you don’t need a wine key to open–just one less thing you need to pack for your day at the beach.

A glou glou

Glou glou wines are incredibly easy drinking, hence the name “glou glou” (the French onomatopoeia for glug glug when emptying a bottle). They are mainly light bodied wines—typically reds—and contain less alcohol content. It’s like a natural version of a wine cooler, with far less sugar and additives, and much more flavor and fun.

Orange wine

Orange wine is actually made with white wine grapes, where the grape skins and seeds have not been removed immediately. This process, called “skin contact”, allows the color and flavor of the skin and seeds to steep in the grape juice, building the foundation of wine more similar to a red while still being light like a white. Fun fact: rose wine is also a skin-contact wine, but with red wine grapes. What you’re left with tends to be a bright, bold wine with unique characteristics. 

Whatever wine you choose to bring to the beach, just remember to respect the land and pack out what you bring.

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