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Are you looking for a wine subscription that offers natural wine from small, boutique winemakers around the world? We have a wide variety of natural and low-intervention wines and we ship free to Oahu with purchases of three bottles or more. Enjoy new wines every month with our curated list of natural wines from organic and biodynamic vineyards.

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Why Natural Wine in Oahu

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Whether you live on Oahu or are just visiting Honolulu, your kōkua (support) to protect the land and its resources are vital to the health and sustainability of the future. We believe the wine you drink should come from small vineyards that are grown without herbicides or pesticides and are created by winemakers who are committed to sustainability. Did you know the FDA allows more than 60 additives (chemicals, acids, dyes, sugars, etc.) in commercial wine in the US (and more than 50 in Europe). The natural and low-intervention wines we select are made without all the commercial additives—just wine, in its purest form, best enjoyed in your favorite places in Oahu.

Where to find Natural Wine in Oahu

Hawaii Wines has a large selection of natural and low-intervention wine from organic and biodynamic farms. Choose between white, orange, rosé, and red wine. We also have sparkling wines and pét nat (petillant naturale) to suit any preference and event. Whether you’re enjoying a day at Waikiki or Waimea Bay, or looking for the perfect bottle to bring to your ‘ohana or a night out on the town, we got you covered. 

  • 🍱 Restaurants:

  • • Fête restaurant (Honolulu): Several natural wines on their menu
    • NAtūre restaurant (Honolulu): Several natural wines on their menu

  • 🍾 Bottle Shops:

  • • Brix & Stones: Several natural wines
    • Kaimuki Storeroom: Natural and low-intervention wines

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Staff Picks Favorite Natural Wine in Oahu

Nicknamed “The Gathering Place” and for good reason, Oahu is full of so many things to do and see. And what better way to enjoy some of Oahu’s treasures than with light and fun natural wine. Here are some of our staff picks of favorite natural wines in Oahu.